Song Lyrics

Adonai (Paul Wilbur–The Watchman)

Alabaster Jar (CFN’s Klaus Kuehn and Kari Jobe–Overtaken)

Because of Who You Are (Vicki Yohe–Because Of Who You Are)

Because of You (CFNI’s Brian Ming–Upsidedown)

Blessed Be Your Name (Matt Redman–Where Angels Fear To Tread)

Breathing the Breath (Matt Redman–Facedown)

East To West (Casting Crowns–The Altar and The Door)

Facedown (Matt Redman–Facedown)

God of this City (Chris Tomlin–God of this City)

How Can I Keep From Singing (Chris Tomlin)

I Can Only Imagine (MercyMe–Almost There)

Indescribable (Chris Tomlin–Arriving)

I Still Believe (Jeremy Camp–Stay)

Let the River Flow (Darrell Evans)

Like an Avalanche (Hillsong)

Majesty (delirious?–World Service)

Not By Might (Psalty’s Christmas Calamity)

Pupurihin Ka Sa Awit (Musikatha)

Saving Grace (Hillsong)

The Father’s Song (Matt Redman)

The More I Seek You (CFN’s Kari Jobe–Glorious)

This Is The Air I Breathe (Hillsong)

This Man (Jeremy Camp–Restored)

When I Speak Your Name (CFN’s Elizabeth Clark-Overtaken)

Who Am I (Casting Crowns–Casting Crowns)

Worthy is the Lamb

Wholly Yours (David Crowder Band–A Collision)

Without You (CFNI–Lav-ish)


7 responses to “Song Lyrics”

  1. Brian Antes says :

    all of these songs are amazing, i’ve been looking for the lyrics to god of this city forever

  2. jhocel sumang says :

    keep it up.. more blessing to come.. godblees…

  3. Sally says :


  4. Guy NASASAGARE says :

    Glory be to God our savior;
    My name is Guy from Burundi, I love your songs and I pray for you to continue that ministry it helps many people and comfort them.
    I’ve been looking for the ” Unto the Lamb lyrics” but unfortunately I did not find it. Would you help me?

  5. rhodericko says :

    flipino here?… GOD BLESS

  6. sabrina says :

    i love these songs they are sooooo beautiful and soo is jesus i am 13 you are never to yung or old ta serv him

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