About Sassygeekchic




Forgiven and redeemed by Jesus. Wife to my husband. Daughter, sister, and friend. Teacher by calling and profession. Pastry chef in my dreams. Chef by necessity. Music lover. Reading enthusiast. Immigrant, tourist, drifter, and journeyer.

If writing is an exercise, then this is my gym.





9 responses to “About Sassygeekchic”

  1. chee says :

    this is one of the nicest reads ever. 🙂 makes me feel warm inside. ah…i miss that feeling.

  2. Paulyn says :

    great blog, girl!

  3. alfredanasmith says :

    Like the blog! Keep up the good work!

  4. sweetbriar21 says :

    hi! i noticed you were from UP. i’m a centennial freshie there. 😀 good luck on your journey to the west! great blog! 🙂

  5. sassygeekchic says :

    Hey sweetbriar21! Miss ko na Pinas! Who would have known I’d even miss UP???

  6. Brian Antes says :

    love the blog, good to know i;m not the only crazy in christendom

  7. Jim Kingdon says :

    You are invited to hear my latest inspired song.
    “Beyond the Crimson Cross”
    I recieved this inspiration after listening to the Laminin site on Youtube.

  8. kitiwiti says :

    hi im linking one of your articles to a FB group http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=265507364560

    if you want a byline, please let me know 😀 the group is just for fun and your article had a lot of good info in it 😀

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