The Annoying Tale of Sta. Maria Water District Employees

I went with my mom when she paid the water bill and in that cramped office of Sta. Maria Water District, I found something to blog today. But I have to warn you that this isn’t going to be a pretty picture…

I asked my mom to finish other errands first since it was almost 12nn and most of their employees might be off for lunch. She told me that their office has no lunch break. Good.

The office was small, can’t sit more than 10 people at a time. But that didn’t bother me. What bothered me was when one of the 3 women told us to sit down and wait since the cashier was having a lunch break. Lunch break? The window partitions of each booth there has a poster that clearly says “Office Hours: Monday to Friday- 7:30 to 5:30 NO LUNCH BREAK” By the way, that woman who told us to wait? She was having lunch, too. Along with 2 others. They were having lunch right there on the table in front of us. As if there wasn’t a qeue already. As if we can’t read the words NO LUNCH BREAK.

I gave them the benefit of the doubt and reasoned that perhaps they’re just taking a quick 10-minute lunch break (which was obviously just being ig of me..I mean, there were THREE of them there. Can’t one of them eat her lunch at 11am? The other at 12? Take turns??) but when a thin, malnourished-looking old lady came in to pay her bill and was told rather rudely by a certain employee named Gina (don’t ask me how I knew her name…I waited and watched them long enough to overhear their chitchats!) to wait until 1pm because THEY WERE HAVING LUNCH…I almost got up and tell them to remove those posters that boast of employees not having lunch break! 

I sat there seething and watching them EAT. I watched them bite, chew and even remove food particles stuck in their teeth! I can’t help it, they were eating for all the world to see! They were eating and chatting and laughing while WE, their supposedly “precious” customers, wait (im)patiently for them to finish their thing! It was all so disgusting and so unprofessional!

At last, they finished their lunch at about 1230. Two of them got behind the cashier’s booth–but didn’t take payments immediately. They powdered their noses and re-applied lipstick first (is Sta. Maria Water District Office really THAT small, they were not able to built a restroom??). Okay, at least there was an effort on their part to look presentable because the one named Gina, right after she finished eating, faced her computer. Unfortunately, not to work but to PLAY one of those Gamehouse games! 

A guy walked up to her and inquired about water connection procedures. She paused her game and gave him a form to fill-up. And then continued playing. The man gave her back the form after he finished filling it up. She paused her game, told him blah-blah-blah, then continued bursting those li’l apples on her computer screen. The form laid on the table. Untouched. Unfiled. I guess she was just too busy to do that, you know, work..

They have a suggestion box (which, surprisingly was empty! Because I have tons of things to suggest!) near the counter. I wanted to write and vent my frustrations there but since I have a hunch that those very crooks will just throw my suggestion in the waste bin after they’ve read it themselves, I decided to wait and write them HERE!

Okay, you Sta. Maria Water District bosses, I just told you what your employees were doing when they’re at work. I later learned that that office has actually a second floor. How did I know? One of those women was looking for some guy. After a while, the guy went down from the 2nd floor and told that Gina character he was upstairs SLEEPING..! My mom later told me everybody on the 2nd floor was JUST PLAYING ON THEIR COMPUTERS…!

Now, here’s a few of my suggestions:

1. Tell your employees to eat anywhere BUT at the table in front of your customers! It’s just downright unprofessional and annoying! I wondered how they were able to eat at all when everybody was watching them! Build/assign a pantry where all the mess can take place! Even if pantry would mean under their tables!

2. DON’T OFFER A “NO LUNCH BREAK” service to your customer if we would be told to wait from 12nn-1pm anyway. I’m not saying your employees can’t eat. What I’m saying is, if they can’t take turns having lunch, just close the office during those hours! It would save your customers from too much irritation, I’m telling you!

3. Get a supervisor down there. Fast!

4. Just because your employees know something more about water connection and water billing, it does not make them OUR boss. So tell them to stop treating us customers like dirt and nitwits! Especially those people who look malnourished. Or those customers old enough to be considered senior citizens. WE PAY FOR YOUR SERVICES. We definitely don’t get them for free so tell your employees to show their customers some respect!

5. No face powder and lipstick in those booths! Are these ladies crazy?? Maybe they’re not reading Cosmo magazines? Retouch is absolutely a NO-NO in any public place! It’s a ritual done only and ONLY in the restroom!


6. Computer games. Do I have to suggest what should be done on them??

If what they want is to sleep and play, tell them to go home and stop working. Work means at the end of the day, your body aches from too much writing, filing, typing, computing, etc. Not aching from too much Gamehouse and uncomfortable sleeping positions!

Oh and by the way, our water has TOO MUCH chlorine. I suggest you do something about that, too!


6 responses to “The Annoying Tale of Sta. Maria Water District Employees”

  1. nikita2471 says :

    Hmm, why do they even need internet access to begin with?

  2. Paulyn says :

    Hmm.. this actually reminds me of one post I wrote sometime last year, when I encountered a similar experience in one of the government offices in our country.
    Well, I just thought it only happened in government offices…
    Maybe their supervisor was one of those playing computer games upstairs, don’t you think?

  3. 4SM says :

    i realy want to know who you are. really really really

  4. 4SM says :

    may friendster ka ba? add kita

  5. sassygeekchic says :

    Why do you need to know? Does smwd_bul actually stands for sta. maria water district–bulacan? It sounds like you and I have some womano-a-mano talkin’ to do…

  6. OneOfTheLocals says :

    What can I say, SMWD people are practically BARBARIANS! They’re happy making your day miserable! Hate those guys. Feeling pa-importante sila.

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