The Real Deal About Pinoy Text Lingo

I watched the news last night (which, if you know me, would give you an idea how bored I already am!). Apparently, some lawmakers are pushing for a bill to remove text or SMS charges altogether.

Now, the consumer in me says this is good news. And also, the teacher in me says this is GREAT news! This could mean, the typical Pinoy might finally, hopefully stop abbreviating words into irritating text lingo to save text spaces (and of coursesave money for the prepaid load)! The “d2 na me san na u?” text messages (Im already here, where are you?) are just becoming absolutely annoying to read (and yes…to hear!).

Some cases in point: 

Case #1  D me alm (Or di ko alam/I don’t know)

The you-me problem that puzzles me most. Im sure people texts “d2 na me san na u” only and only to sound cute! ME and KO are both 2-letter words. Saying “d2 na me” doesn’t save you more precious space than when you say “d2 na ko”–both are 8 characters long, spaces included! If you really have to least do it the right way! Say “ko” instead of “ako”.  And worse, I hear people use that ME word in SPOKEN sentences! As in…”O sige pupunta na lang me dyan..okay?” Come on people..if you’re trying to be diabetically cute..texting YOU-ME to replace KA-KO is definitely not the way to do it! Gimme a break!

 Case #2  Eow poh pwde q b knw name mo poh? (Or “hello po pwede ko ba malaman name mo?/hello can I have your name?”)

Okay. I understand the Pinoy need to abbreviate text messages. But to actually ADD an unnecessary letter (such as H) in an otherwise short word is beyond my thinking! Why do you add H in po and make it poh? And what is “eow??!” If hello is too long for you, why can’t you just type “HI” instead??  If these people speaks the same way they type text messages..I would really think I’ve been transported to the world of Teletubbies! The very reason I seldom visit “posh” cafes such as Starbucks is because of the crowd that usually go there–The Conyos. The Annoying Conyos. The Annoying I’m-Flaunting-My-Cellphone-In-Your-Face Conyos. The Annoying Look-I’m-Too-Posh-With-A-Hundred-Peso-Coffee-In-My-Hand-That’s-Why-I’ll-Sit-Here-Beside-The-Window-Where-Everybody-Can-See-Me Conyos! The..okay, never mind. Sorry, I got carried away. Anyway, the point is, don’t add H after every vowel!

 Case #3  Pnta q bhay kua m (Or pupunta ako sa bahay ng kuya mo/ I’ll go to your brother’s house)

The Q problem. Q and KO does not sound the same..OKAY? So that’s not abbreviating. That’s murdering the Filipino (and English!) language! And what is KUA? Kuya? Kuha? Kula? Kuba? Make it clear, people! There’s so many letters to go between those two vowels (it was later explained to me that KUA actually means KUYA…but I still don’t get it).

Case #4 Uu nga eh…ahihihi..aztig xa! (Or Oo nga eh..hehe..astig siya!/ You’re right..haha..he’s/she’s cool!)

Alright! If this rant is a mountain, then Case #4 is the highest level! Combination of O/U Problem, Diabetically Pa-cute Syndrome, S/Z Problem and the X-factor. Come on, if you’re Pinoy, try saying this aloud..”oo”. Now, try saying “uu”. Don’t you feel like strangling yourself with irritation for saying “uu nga?” instead of “oo nga?” Does it make you cuter if you say, “Uu, pupunta siya”? And what’s with “ahihihi..”? hehe is shorter, right? Or even 🙂 Do you laugh out loud like that? Ahihihi?! Come on!??

Now, let’s see Z/S. I suppose they find the hard S-sounding letter way too cool than the simple S. Aztig. Zuper. Lavz…give it to The Text Generation to invent a “cool lingo”’ll give you flu! And the X? I’m sorry about this, I’m pretty eloquent in using polite words but there’s no way to say this..anyone who uses XA to abbreviate SIYA or SYA is a moron! I’m not an English savvy but a grade 1 knows that in English spelling, XA is read as /KSA/ as in eXAct..eXAggerate..and so on. So if you type in “d2 n xa”, that’s actually read as “dito na ksa” HUH..right???   

Abbreviation is used to shorten long words and save spaces..NOT give your reader a headache! Sometimes, I would meet a really glam girl or fab guy then they would text me “Eow..muzta n u?” Aaarggh! Instant turn off! I would somehow get an idea of what a person is like by way of seeing how he/she texts.

Come on people…I’m practically begging you! I’m on my knees…don’t even do it for the sake of English or Filipino literacy. Do it for your own sake! At least try to sound like a sensible person even in text messages!  


14 responses to “The Real Deal About Pinoy Text Lingo”

  1. Kitsune says :

    Finally! Someone who understands :] It’s even worse when they start caPiTalIziNG eVeRy OtHeR letter. And use symbols.

    Sigh. I just don’t understand it.

  2. sassygeekchic says :

    Exactly! I don’t get chain texts as well..

  3. Paulyn says :

    Amazing! I had to read those case number titles a second time before I could get their actual meaning! I just hate how people send text messages this way these days! Dissecting their actual meaning is such a waste of time!

    On the other hand, I really wouldn’t mind if it were a kid or a teenager who would send me a message like this (you know how kids like to complicate things a bit, and my 2 teenagers always do!), but when it comes from an adult, it just drives me nuts!!! “…aaargh! GROW UP!!!”

  4. Arland says :

    Eow. Waz ur problem wit our txt spik? Ahihihi! aztig nmn xia divah? Heniweys nice blog!

    But seriously, “uu” (and many others probably) as far as I know came from the online gaming community and somehow found its way through sms. They too have their own interesting lingo, but that’s another story.

  5. sassygeekchic says :

    A-ha! That’s a new one, Maynard..I didn’t know about the online gaming community lingo (and frankyl, I think I don’t want to know hehe). Text lingo is too much. Waaaay toooo much! 🙂 Musta na? Napasyal ka ha!

  6. Aman says :

    ..,pin0y has beEn artistic ever since,wLa ak0ng mktang masama(or anoying)in the way we txt.,, it’s an art..Isang paraan ng pakikipgtalastasan s pamamagitan ng mga salita ang pgtetxt, at tulad ng pakikipgusap,kailangan ng damdamin.Robot lang ang nkikipgusap ng walang feelngs.. Sa verbal communication, walang problema dahil madaling ipakita ang feeling s pamamagitan ng tono, facial expression. Pero sa txt?..,jan pumpSok ang txt LingGo.

  7. sassygeekchic says :

    Aman..thank you for your opinion but if you see pinoy text lingo as an art..then it must be an abstract–something VERY FEW people can understand. And since texting is a way of COMMUNICATION..I think it must be sent as plainly as possible. Shakespeare, Hemingway, Longfellow, etc were just few of great writers who used written language to express feelings. Now, THAT is art. You can send text messages and still express your feelings across by punctuations and proper wordings. I don’t know. Pinoy text lingo just doesn’t look like an art to me. It’s total crap.

  8. ursuchaloser says :

    “uu” is a short way to text “oo” bec. uu requires 4 keypreses while oo requires 6! The way the author said it kills both languages, its wrong. txt lingos are only used on messaging, and gaming. Other than that, nothing else. The author only rejects change in today’s society. Remembr txt msgng saves tym, nrg, and bdget, dats explains it ol.

  9. sassygeekchic says :

    “Remembr txt msgng saves tym, nrg, and bdget, dats explains it ol.”

    Right. And develops a generation that is not only LAZY but inarticulate too. Really, how many MINUTES does it take to press 2 more keys? I mean, does it take you forever to do that? And, it isn’t just used for messaging and gaming. I’m a teacher, I should know because I have graded paper after paper after paper of kids who couldn’t spell words (age-level) right. If you’re not one of them, good for you. Sadly, what you’re saying isn’t true to the majority.

  10. Rbnt says :

    Eto na nga ba sinasabi ko. Mga Pinoy talaga, ‘yan din problema ng teachers sa school namin eh: nagiging tamad ang mga estudyante dahil sa simpleng pagso-shortcut ng mga words at letters sa cellphone.

    Agree naman ako sa author, pero may mga salita rin akong mga ginagamit na nabanggit nya gaya ng XA, AZTIG, OU at Q.. Para kasing astig pakinggan para sa kabataan. Pero ‘yung uber-exaggerated-over-flowing-sa-kabaduyang gaya ng D2 NA ME, POH, KSZE, SZYA, aT kuN6 aNu-ano–ahem, at kung anu-ano pang kaOAhan sa text ay sobra na! tama na!

    Dapat nirarambo ‘yang mga ganyan, nakakasira ng hairstyle.
    Arf arf..

  11. Will says :

    hey does anybody know what “flu” means not the sickness the lingo.

  12. Anonymous says :

    bery gud

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