Pinoy Fashion

You inspired me to do this. I hunted down some Pinoy fashion for you, Hunter. 🙂

Chandelier made from capiz shells

Some designs for baro’t saya–the national dress for Filipino women.

Baro’t saya is a contraction for the words baro at saya or blouse and skirt although the pictures above show flowing dresses without cuts (am I making sense?). I guess they’re the “in” thing right now. The puffed sleeves were popularized by former First Lady Imelda Marcos

A coco and shells native bag.

The Kultura store in SM malls is a great place to buy handicrafts.

“Bakya” or wooden sandals/clogs

–usually made from local light wood like santol and laniti. I have owned two wooden clogs in my entire life and I have to tell you that they were NEVER comfortable. I always get blisters when wearing one. Plus, they get this noisy thump, thump, thump sound that announces your arrival from miles away! Surely not advisable for sneaking behind your sweetie..:D Price usually starts at $4 unless you go to Divisoria then maybe you can buy a pair for a dollar.

This is the Barong Tagalog (national costume for men) my husband wore for our wedding.

That Barong he wore was made from pinya-jusi (pinya is a hand-loomed pineapple leaf fabric while jusi is a mechanically woven silk organza). Some controversy involving this dress was in 2007 during the Asia-Pacific Economic Council when the organizing party in Sydney called it “a peasants’ shirt”. Me? I don’t care what they call it..they look good on any men especially on formal events.  

Uncultured South Sea pearls

Whose price tags could be quite hefty. But you can go around big malls in Manila and buy freshwater pearls at a cheaper price instead. I haggled the pearl necklace and earrings I wore at my wedding from P500 (about $10) to P250 ($5). The necklace was a cat’s eye freshwater white pearl while the earrings were a drop and pear freshwater white pearl beaded with swarovski. Definitely one of my best finds! My fave places to shop for pearls are Greenhills Shopping Center and Robinson’s Manila.

There you go. Some things especially made by Filipinos. Check out this site to see Coconut Palace, a mansion built by the Marcoses. From the name itself, the house was built entirely out of coconut, narra and other native hardwood. I was there on a field trip when I was a kid and, was some house! 



6 responses to “Pinoy Fashion”

  1. totaldelights says :

    Pearls are one of my favorite things to create with. and the ones above are truly special

  2. curio says :

    Curio says : I absolutely agree with this !

  3. Chiaki says :

    Great find on our Pinoy Fashion!
    May i use the barong tagalog picture for a poster background?

  4. sassygeekchic says :

    Sure..that picture is actually mine so no problem..:D

  5. SeeDownUnder says :

    Hi – we’re trying to share the Philippine culture to our children here in Australia and I’d love to show them the photo of the Barong Tagalog on your site – would that be ok?

  6. sassygeekchic says :

    Sure 🙂

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